Project Fact Sheet

The current social and affordable housing (SAH) market is facing several challenges relating to persistent issues around long waiting lists and homelessness. Developing government /investment ready language to validate investment in SAH as an asset class can help address this. COVID impacts will also be considered, affecting labour force and supply chains, difficulties in worker mobility, and extremely low vacancy rates and rising rental costs. The research will provide a SAH investment tool to help address these issues and expedite investment and delivery in SAH. This research will operationalise previous SBEnrc research through a process of engagement with government housing agencies, Treasury and industry partners.


This research will provide a SAH investment tool for government/ industry/financier interaction to help address lagging supply and increased demand for SAH through providing:

  1. A mechanism to support growth in investment in the SAH market (i.e. private investors, PPPs, government regulations or policy levers) across a broad range of mechanisms (e.g. subsidies, concession streams).
  2. A focus on a benefits-based approach rather than traditional cost- based model, in line with 9 domains and CROI approach.
  3. A pathway to address non-traditional delivery such as mixed tenure, mixed use markets to integrate market facing larger development opportunities.
  4. A mechanism to help align economic and social benefits of government environment with market capacity.

Industry Outcomes

The SAH Investment Tool will contribution to improve industry practice or competitive advantage:

  1. To value social housing investment, i.e. investment evaluation framework.
  2. State Treasury and industry engaged model (WA and Qld) for expediting investment in and delivery of SAH.
  3. Improved alignment between government and market mechanisms.


Documents for Downloading

The following documents provide additional detail regarding this current research, including project outcomes to date:

Fact sheet

Developing a Social and Affordable Housing Investment Tool (Oct 2021, 242Kb)


Article: Kraatz, J. 2022. Why I’m voting for a national housing plan. The Fifth Estate (9th May 2022)

Press Release: Facilitating investment in social and affordable housing (23 February 2022)

Press Release: Developing a social and affordable housing investment tool (November 2021)


AHURI NHC 2022 Role of benefit based investment tools. National Housing Conference (March 2022)

SBEnrc 1.81 Industry Research Symposium Presentation (March 2022)

Research Reports

Market facing mixed use mixed tenure snapshot of Australian examples (March 2022)


Social and Affordable Housing Research Context Snapshot_