The Sustainable Built Environment National Research Centre (SBEnrc) is the successor to the CRC for Construction Innovation. Established on
1 January 2010, the SBEnrc is a key research broker between industry, government and research organisations servicing the built environment industry. The three research streams focus on environmental, social and economic sustainability, areas identified by national industry stakeholders as the key areas that will drive productivity and industry development in the built environment industry.

Vision and Objectives

The vision for the SBEnrc is

to be an enduring world-class research and knowledge broker in sustainable infrastructure and building design, construction and management to enhance the performance of Australia’s built environment industry.

The SBEnrc’s objectives are to

  • implement a unique collaborative and strategic approach to built environment research in Australia, capitalising on members’ regional and national advantage and leveraging regional learnings and benefits nationally
  • collaborate across organisational, state and national boundaries to develop a strong network of built environment research stakeholders (industry professionals, clients, regulators and researchers) building on the relationships and history of achievement recorded throughout the CRC for Construction Innovation (2001-2009)
  • establish members as international leaders in sustainable built environment research and practice and lead the international research agenda; build collaborative industry research teams and apply cross-disciplinary approaches in areas of digital modelling, sustainability, safety, and procurement fields, providing opportunities for new value-adding collaborations between industry and researchers
  • attract new research students to study at member universities and provide research training and linkage opportunities for members.

Board and Committees

The SBEnrc is directed by a Governing Board with one sub committee, the Research and Utilisation Committee.

Governing Board

The SBEnrc Governing Board meets quarterly and determines Centre policy, strategic direction, budget allocation and monitoring of accountability on all matters relating to the Objective and the Activities of the Centre. The Board is chaired by John V. McCarthy AO.

Research and Utilisation Committee

The Research and Utilisation Committee meets quarterly and its primary objectives are to assist the Board in discharging its responsibilities relating to:

  • Determining the SBEnrc’s research, utilisation and intellectual property arrangements;
  • Reviewing the Centre’s research and utilisation projects; and
  • Assisting the CEO in developing research and utilisation projects
  • Ensure that appropriate procedures exist to monitor and assess the performance of research and utilisation projects.
  • Examine any other matters referred to it by the Board.

The Research and Utilisation Committee is chaired by Louis Bettini, Main Roads WA.

Executive Management

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) reports to the Governing Board and has overall responsibility for the Centre’s strategic direction and its research and outreach programs.

Our People


Chief Executive Officer

Keith Hampson

Chief Operating Officer

Ammar Shemery

Governing Board

Chair - SBEnrc

John V. McCarthy AO

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) - Curtin University

Chris Moran

Dean - School of Property, Construction and Project Management & Deputy PVC International - Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT)

Ron Wakefield

Executive Director Planning and Technical Services

Doug Morgan

Dean of Engineering, Design and Built Environment - Western Sydney University

Mike Kagioglou

Director, Office for Research – Griffith University

Tony Sheil

General Manager – Hydrogen and Future Fuels – ATCO Australia

Russell James

Assistant Director General, Portfolio Integration, Corporate and Portfolio Strategy - QLD Department of Energy and Public Works (QDEPW)

Paige Ridgewell

Deputy Director General, Housing & Assets - WA Department of Communities

Leon McIvor

CEO - BGC (Australia)

Daniel Cooper

Research & Utilisation Committee

Principal Advisor Sustainability, Strategy & Communications - Main Roads Western Australia

Louis Bettini

Principal Architect, Building Technical Services, Buildings and Contracts, Operations Group - WA Dept of Finance, Strategic Projects

Dean Wood

Research Partnerships - Hydrogen - ATCO Australia

Amy Philbrook

Head of Environmental, Social & Governance - BGC Australia

Carl Barrett

Engagement Director (Industry), School of Engineering and Built Environment - Griffith University

Cheryl Desha

Chief Sustainability Officer - WA Department of Communities

Dave Jones

Manager Strategy and Innovation - Development WA

John Clifton

Director, Centre for Infrastructure Engineering - Western Sydney University

Vivian Tam

Associate Professor, Property, Construction and Project Management - RMIT University

Priya Rajagopalan