Priya is a building scientist and the Director of the Sustainable Building Innovation Lab (SBi Lab) and the Associate Dean, Research and Innovation at School of Property, Construction and Project Management, RMIT University. Priya’s research interests span from sustainable building design, energy benchmarking and labelling, urban heat island, indoor air quality, to citizen science in urban microclimate monitoring, mitigation and adaptation. She has coordinated several projects in building performance for various climate zones and has published more than 100 scientific papers. Priya is also the President of the Architectural Science Association (ANZAScA).

Priya teaches in the Master of Energy Efficient and Sustainable Building Programme which involves a unique blend of courses that focus on key principles and practice of designing and delivering environmentally sustainable buildings, infrastructure and developments, where she challenges and helps students to build skills in energy efficient and sustainable building design for navigating the complex and rapidly changing built environment.