Professor Keith Hampson is an energetic executive leader with more than 40 years of industry, government and research leadership, and international experience and scholarship. His expertise and leadership strengths have been honed operating in complex multidisciplinary environments in planning, design, construction and maintenance. From leading university teaching, industry and government teams, to initiating, leading and building national and international collaborations in research, technology diffusion and commercialisation, Keith is committed to building a more internationally competitive Australia by promoting access to better education, technology and innovative practices.

For 27 years, Keith has consistently been at the helm of leading translational research for a traditionally non-research focused industry – the built environment industry – creating organisations that have successfully delivered value for industry and driving cultural change that captures the value of academics working at the interface of industry.

Throughout his career, he has led industry-focused research teams that have successfully secured approximately A$70 million in competitive and industry R&D funding.