For the first time in Western Australia, the Board of the International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction (CIB) met in Perth, Australia during the week of 13 November 2017. In conjunction with this CIB activity, the SBEnrc and Curtin University hosted ‘Collaborating for Industry Solutions in the Built Environment (CISBE)‘ International Symposium on 15 November 2017, which brought together leading national and international researchers and industry professionals to present key research and industry perspectives on a range of topics related to the built environment. Over 110 delegates from local, interstate and international organisations attended.

The Symposium was opened by Curtin University’s Vice-Chancellor Professor Deborah Terry AO, and proceedings began with dynamic keynote speakers Professor Kourosh Kayvani, Managing Director – Design, Innovation & Eminence, Aurecon and Curtis Rodgers, Vice President Brick & Mortar Ventures from San Francisco.












Reimagining Academic-Industry Collaboration – Kourosh Kayvani, Managing Director – Design, Innovation & Eminence, Aurecon
Robots, Exoskeletons & Hard Hats: How the Silicon Valley, US Military, NASA, and “Industrial Mad Scientists” are Disrupting the Construction Industry – Curtis Rodgers, Principal Vice President, Brick and Mortar Ventures, San Francisco, USA (900Mb download to view)
Transforming the Delivery of Major Projects through Digital Engineering – Martin Lodge, General Manager Strategic Projects, WA Dept of Finance
Why Autonomous Vehicles are Good for us and How we Feel About Them – Simone Pettigrew, Distinguished Research Professor, Curtin University
Roadmap for Sustainable Construction – Chrisna Du Plessis, Coordinator Sustainable Construction Theme, CIB and CIB Roadmap
Maintaining Buildings for Disaster Resilience – Rodney Stewart, Associate Professor Engineering, Griffith University
Global Trends in Financing Sustainable Cities – Peter Newman AO, Professor of Sustainability, Curtin University
Affordable Sustainable Housing – Kelvin Ryan, Consultant and Giles Thomson, Curtin University
Lifelong Project Value through Digital Asset Information Management (DAIM) – Colin Jordan, Xiangyu Wang, Professor, Curtin University & Will Hackney, Digital Leader, Infrastructure, Aurecon
The Future of Roads – Hussein Dia, Associate Professor Transport Engineering, Swinburne University
The Future of Roads – Louis Bettini, Principal Advisor Sustainability, Main Roads WA




Prof Deborah Terry AO (Curtin University)

Simone Pettigrew (Curtin University)

Rodney Stewart (Griffith University)

Peter Newman AO (Curtin University) & Will Hackney (Aurecon)

Colin Jordan (SBEnrc Project 2.51 Developing a Cross Sector Digital Asset
Information Model Framework for Asset Management Chair)

Martin Lodge (Strategic Projects, WA Dept of Finance)

Ken Michael AC

Giles Thomson (Curtin University) & Kelvin Ryan

John V McCarthy AO, Ken Michael AC & Wim Bakens

Louis Bettini (Main Roads WA)


Kourosh Kayvani (Aurecon)

Curtis Rodgers (Brick & Mortar Ventures)

L-R: Ammar Shemery (SBEnrc), Adriana Sanchez (SBEnrc),
Martin Lodge (WA Dept of Finance, Major Projects), Richard Choy (NATSPEC),
Keith Hampson (SBEnrc)

L-R: Keith Hampson (SBEnrc), Adriana Sanchez (SBEnrc), Richard Tremblay (CIB President)

Peter Newman AO (Curtin University)

Xiangyu Wang (Curtin University)

Louis Bettini (Main Roads WA)

Hussein Dia (Swinburne University)

L-R: Keith Hampson (SBEnrc), Richard Tremblay (CIB), Ken Michael AC, John V McCarthy AO

L-R: Warren Kerr (Hames Sharley Architects), Ken Michael AC & Charlie Hargroves (Curtin University)


Hosted by the Australian Sustainable Built Environment National Research Centre (SBEnrc) and Curtin University.



Held in conjunction with the International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction (CIB) Board meeting in Perth, Australia.