Levi Naas

Levi Naas is a Director of the Lean Construction Institute Australasia a non-for-profit organisation aimed to improve the awareness of modern design and construction delivery.
Levi’s day job is a VDC Manager at BGC Posco E&C International (BPi). In this role, he advises on the business improvement strategies on lean design and construction methods, business development, implementation of convergent technologies and innovative practices. Prior to this position, Levi served as Design Coordinator in commercial construction for BGC Australia; arguably Australia’s largest privately owned a vertically integrated supplier of building products with a variety of business involved in mining, property development, modular fabrication, residential and commercial construction. He was responsible for development of the GC Constructions ICT & BIM management systems, project developments, planning, design management, R&D, vender relationships, lean supply chain management, green build initiatives, and the operations of innovative technologies for commercial construction. Prior to BGC, Levi was a Project Engineer at Lang Wyatt Construction.
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