Project Fact Sheet

This project seeks to investigate through a proof-of-concept approach the potential for near real-time data to be securely exchanged between freight
operators and transport agencies through a trusted intermediary in a manner that delivers mutual benefit. Based on partner interest the project will focus
on two main areas, namely a) securing the exchange of data, and b) evaluating possible associated benefits, and will involve a discrete trial of data exchange
in collaboration with partners.


The objective of the project is to undertake a demonstration project
to investigate the following:

  1. How a data exchange platform between freight vehicles and transport related government agencies would operate in practice, in particular consent agreements, and identify any areas for further consideration
  2. Identify specific risks and benefits for both freight operators and transport agencies, including public good benefits, associated costs and opportunity costs, including consideration of utility and benefit of the data exchanged.
  3. Identify specific recommendations for wider implementation of the approach, considering different conditions across the network, including recommended areas of technology upgrades to allow greater benefits to be achieved.

Industry Outcomes

The key industry outcomes include:

  1. Exploring the potential for improved trip duration, congestion management, performance evaluation, and asset management outcomes.
  2. Transport-related agencies to identify ways to harness existing network infrastructure and strategically select new approaches that reduce costs and disruption associated with the projected freight growth.

Documents for Downloading

The following documents provide additional detail regarding this current research, including project outcomes to date:

Fact sheet

FreightSync Proof of Concept – Investigating value creation from the exchange of freight vehicle data with transport agencies (October 2021, 246Kb)

Final Industry Report

Industry Report SBEnrc P3.83 Industry Report – FreightSync Proof of Concept(August 2023)


Full video – FreightSync Proof of Concept – Investigating value creation from the exchange of freight vehicle data with transport agencies (27 July 2023)

Previous Research

Road Freight and Network Efficiency (April 2020 – September 2021)


Article: Hargroves, C. 2022. Dashboard data to innovate freight (12 July 2022)

Article: Hargroves, C. 2022. Green light to speed up freight deliveries in wake of COVID-19 delays (24 November 2021)

Industry Publications

Transport Certification Australia 2020-21 Annual Report – Page 23 Real time data with freight sync.