Project Fact Sheet (August 2020, 409Kb)

This project seeks to develop a national understanding of the operation and capacity of existing end markets for C&D waste in Australian jurisdictions. A gap analysis will ascertain the need for new potential end markets and strategies to create these new markets will be provided. Improved management of C&D waste will create new opportunities, contributing to new business development, business growth, higher employment and stronger economic conditions.


The project will address the following objectives:

  1. Review and identify jurisdictional regulations/specifications/guidelines/standards affecting the development and operation of end-markets for C&D waste streams;
  2. Analyse the operation of existing end markets in Australian jurisdictions identifying related economic and technical barriers and facilitators and potential for new markets;
  3. Review how sustainable procurement guidelines in Australia may enhance operation and size of C&D waste end markets;
  4. Develop and validate a model for the creation and stimulation of end markets for C&D waste in Australian jurisdictions in the context of related regulations.

Industry Outcomes

This project will contribute to improving industry practice by understanding the operation of end markets for waste, which has remained relatively under explored. It will help develop the potential of new end markets which will drive further business growth in this area.

The project deliverables will:

  1. Provide a review of C&D waste management regulations that impact end markets for C&D waste in Australia;
  2. Identify relevant specifications/guidelines/standards affecting the use of recycle materials and make appropriate recommendations;
  3. Provide an understanding of economic drivers/barriers contributing to the successful operation of end markets and their stimulation;
  4. Provide an understanding of sustainable procurement guidelines impacting on the operation of C&D waste end markets;
  5. Provide a model and associated guideline to create and stimulate end markets for C&D waste in Australia.


Documents for Downloading

The following documents provide additional detail regarding this current research, including project outcomes to date:

Fact Sheet

Creation and Stimulation of End Markets for Construction and Demolition Waste (August 2020, 409Kb)


Journal article: Shooshtarian, S., Maqsood, T., Wong, P.S.P., Khalfan, M. and Yang, R.J. (2021). Extended Producer Responsibility in the Australian Construction Industry. Sustainability 2021, 13, 620.

Journal article: Caldera, S., Ryley, T. and Zatyko, N., 2020. Enablers and Barriers for Creating a Marketplace for Construction and Demolition Waste: A Systematic Literature ReviewSustainability12(23), p.9931.​

Journal article: Shooshtarian, S., Caldera, S., Maqsood, T., and Ryley, T. (Oct 2020). Using Recycled Construction and Demolition Waste Products: A Review of Stakeholders’ Perceptions, Decisions, and Motivations. Recycling 2020, 5(4), 31. Link to article:

Research Reports

Report 1 : Review and identify jurisdictional regulations/specifications/guidelines/standards affecting the development and operation of end-markets for C&D waste streams (August 2020)


Shooshtarian, S., (2020). “Opportunities to Reduce Brick Waste Disposal”. The 54th International Conference of the Architectural Science Association (ANZAScA) 2020 Virtual Conference, 26 & 27 November, Auckland, New Zealand.

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