Webinar launch of building energy performance reports


Building energy efficiency has been identified as a cost-effective opportunity to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions and a variety of policies are being implemented to harvest this efficiency potential. However, there are growing concerns about a gap between predicted or expected energy consumption levels in buildings and the actual measured energy consumption in operation, both at an individual building level as well as in the building sector as a whole. The energy performance gap has been identified as an important barrier in achieving building energy policy goals, as a variety of reports have pointed out that anticipated savings from key building efficiency policies, such as building codes, may need to be significantly discounted due to actual post-occupancy building energy consumption being markedly higher than what had been predicted by building energy performance models.


SBEnrc are pleased to be partnering with the Australian Department of the Environment and Energy to launch two research reports about building energy performance:


The launch will be in a webinar format at 10:00am (AEDT) on 23 January 2020 and will include a brief summary of the reports, and a panel discussion and Q&A session. If you are keen to attend and gain some insight into the gap between design and reality of building energy performance, please register your interest below.

WEBINAR   |   10am (AEDT) 23 January 2020




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