At the heart of the Sustainable Built Environment National Research Centre’s mission is delivering value through industry-focussed research.


The Sustainable Built Environment National Research Centre’s (SBEnrc) series of National Industry Research Workshops are held around Australia each 12-18 months to gain industry’s perspective on the built environment industry’s business challenges and innovation needs, and to continually refresh SBEnrc’s ongoing research program.

The workshops are attended by a range of industry and government professionals, who are invited to present research ideas that are directly relevant to their identified business challenges. Researchers are invited to attend to gain an appreciation of the problems faced by industry professionals, and collaborate to develop ideas for projects that can be applied to the real world. This rapid translation of industry problems to SBEnrc projects uniquely identifies the continuing relevance of our Centre’s research partnerships.

The input of people who face the day-to-day challenges of the built environment industry is critical to SBEnrc’s ability to continue to perform meaningful research with outcomes that make a difference.

The SBEnrc believes that to ensure maximum impact on the industry, participation of government and industry organisations outside of the Centre’s core membership is essential. Additionally, our industry vitally requires the active involvement of public sector building and infrastructure client agencies across all levels of government, in providing direct funding, case studies, training opportunities and a supportive policy environment to encourage private sector participation and co-investment.

The workshops provide a forum for professionals from across the private sector and government to share business challenges that could form the basis of our future research projects.

Our upcoming series of national workshops to be held in July 2019 will shape development of our new Centre projects to commence early in 2020. Share your business challenges at one of our national workshops in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. Click on the relevant link below to register your interest.








15 July 2019  2pm-6pm Qld Dept of Housing and Public Works, Level 17, 53 Albert St, Brisbane


16 July 2019  1:30pm-5:30pm Engineers Australia, Level 3, 8 Thomas St, Chatswood


17 July 2019  2pm-6pm RMIT University, Room 82, Level 8, Building 8, 360 Swanston St, Melbourne


19 July 2019  8:30am-12:30pm Main Roads WA, Don Aitken Centre, Cnr Waterloo Cres and Plain St, East Perth


 2019 Workshop Outcomes

Thank you to all who attended and contributed to these important workshops. We would like to especially thank our hosts in each city: Queensland Department of Housing and Public Works, Engineers Australia, Sydney, RMIT University and Main Roads Western Australia.

The industry challenges and research ideas generated from the workshops, and the Governing Board’s priority themes for the SBEnrc’s 2020-21 research program are summarised below (click on the image for full-size view).




Brisbane Workshop – Craig Carpenter, Qld Dept of Housing and Public Works, Prof Sherif Mohamed, Griffith University, Prof Paul Bertsch, Qld Chief Scientist, Prof Keith Hampson, SBEnrc


Brisbane Workshop


Perth Workshop opened by Alan Colegate, Main Roads WA


Perth Workshop



Brisbane Workshop opened by Prof Paul Bertsch, Qld Chief Scientist


Sydney Workshop


Perth Workshop