In the coming decades Australia and other countries will be facing challenges as a result of a changing climate and rapid technological progress. Throughout the lifecycle of community assets, new technologies such as BIM can provide benefits that are not yet being taken full advantage of and concurrently address some of these challenges. This is especially the case for constructed community assets and networks where KPIs relevant to benefits from using BIM could address long-term impact factors which are transferable throughout the asset lifecycle and across asset portfolios.

Early findings from SBEnrc Project 2.34 Driving Whole-of-life Efficiencies through BIM and Procurement (2014-15) identified a lack of national and international benchmarking systems. These can promote better understanding about barriers and be used as basis for setting realistic goals for digital built environment benefits, which in turn can be linked to performance incentives.

This project (2015-17) will aim to develop a practical online BIM benefits benchmarking system (3Bs) that can be used by industry stakeholders across building and infrastructure. It will also aim to provide insight on the potential strategy impacts of disruptive technologies expected to change the way constructed community assets are procured and delivered. Through developing this knowledge, the team will seek to future-proof asset investment decisions.


This project will aim to improve whole-of-life value of constructed community assets by:

  • Part 1: Developing an online benchmarking system that can be used for monitoring and measuring performance outcomes of the built environment across four pillars: Procurement, Processes, People, and Sustainability and Future-Proofing.
  • Part 2: Developing knowledge to inform strategy on impacts of disruptive technologies likely to change the way constructed community assets are delivered and operated, thereby future-proofing asset investment decisions.

Industry Outcomes

This project will:

  • Create a practical benchmarking tool that would allow objective and realistic targets to be developed relating to benefits from implementing BIM during project delivery and asset management and operations.
  • Provide insight into the strategy and procurement implication of disruptive new technologies identified as having the potential to affect the way that community assets are delivered and managed.
  • Provide the means for proactive asset management and a more economically, socially and environmentally resilient and sustainable built environment.
  • Provide a basis for stakeholders to improve their approach to implementing digital built environments and associated technologies, and monitoring their progress towards policy goals within a fully integrated whole-of-life asset management.













Documents for Downloading

The following resources provide additional detail regarding this current research, including project outcomes to date:

The BIM Value Benchmarking Tool was launched by Martin Lodge, General Manager – Strategic Projects, WA Department of Finance and Richard Choy, CEO – NATSPEC at the Collaborating for Industry Solutions in the Built Environment (CISBE) International Symposium at Curtin University on 15 November 2017.

SBEnrc Project 2.46 Fact Sheet (3 November 2016)

Industry Report

Whole-of-life Value of Constructed Assets through Digital Technologies (Dec 2017, 2Mb)


BIM Value Benchmarking Tool (15 November 2017)

Case Studies

Using COBie with Existing Housing Asset Information (Dec 2017, 1.3Mb)
Digitally Engineering the Future – Opportunities for VicRoads (Feb 2018, 1.4Mb)

Progress Reports

Project Update Summary (08 August 2016)


Transport for NSW Digital Engineering Strategy presentation at VicRoads, Melbourne (3 February 2017)
Value of BIM for MRWA (Presentation) in Perth (18 February 2016)
Delivering Value with BIM presentation at BIM4Clients Breakfast co-hosted by BIM Academy & Point Advisory in Melbourne (12 August 2016)
To BIM4fm or not to BIM4fm? – summary of presentation by Paul Akhurst, Smart WorkPlace at Revit & IFC Gebruikersdag, Schiphol, Netherlands (9 November 2018, 30:35)

Academic Papers

Sanchez AX, Mohamed S and Hampson KD (2016) Delivering Value with BIM: A Framework for Built Environment Practitioners, CIB World Building Congress 2016, Tampere, Finland, 30 May – 03 June, 2016

Books and Chapters

Sanchez AX, Hampson KD and Vaux S (2016) Delivering Value with BIM: A Whole-of-life Approach, London: Routledge (Available for purchase, 20% Discount Code: DC361)  Chapter Abstracts).
Book: Sanchez AX; Hampson KD and London G (eds), “Integrating Information in Built Environments”, Routledge, Abingdon, UK, July 2017

Sanchez AX, Brooks J and Hampson KD, “Information Integration and Public Procurement – The role of Monitoring, Benchmarking and Client Leadership”, in Sanchez AX, Hampson KD and London G (eds), “Integrating Information in Built Environments”, Routledge, Abingdon, UK, July 2017.
Sanchez AX, Hampson KD and London G, “Integrating Information across Built Environment Boundaries”, in Sanchez AX, Hampson KD and London G (eds), “Integrating Information in Built Environments”, Routledge, Abingdon, UK, July 2017.
Sanchez AX, London G and Hampson KD, “Contrasting aspects of information integration” in Sanchez AX, Hampson KD and London G (eds), “Integrating Information in Built Environments”, Routledge, Abingdon, UK, July 2017.

Architecture Panel discussion at Autodesk University Conference Insight-Innovation-Inspiration: Adriana Sanchez (SBEnrc), Angi Izzi (Autodesk), Shane Burger (Woods Bagot) and Alex McKellar (M+K Lawyers) (19 August 2016) (Picture courtesy of Autodesk University -Sydney Hilton 19.08.16)


Expert discussion session on the topic of information integration with four academic and industry experts Kalle Kähkönen from Finland, Chrisna Du Plessis from South Africa and Shyam Sunder the US at the CIB World Building Congress 2016 in Tampere, Finland (01 June 2016)

Session introduction

expert panel

expert panel 2

Delivering Value with BIM (outcome of Project 2.34) launched and endorsed by an adviser to the US Government Dr Shyam Sunder at CIB World Building Congress, Tampere, Finland (01 June 2016)

Shyam Sunder

Sourceable on-line industry newspaper contributions: Hampson K and Sanchez A (14 June 2016) How can we deliver value when we don’t know what it looks like?; Hampson K and Hodgson P (30 March 2016) Technology and the future of our Built Environment; Hampson K (20 January 2016) Reducing gridlock, improving productivity, saving lives.


CIB Task Group 90: Information Integration in Construction (IICON)


SBEnrc is leveraging on the international collaboration network formed in the SBEnrc Project 2.7 Leveraging R&D Investment for the Australian Built Environment through the International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction (CIB) Task Group 85 R&D Investment and Impact, to form a new Task Group 90 focused on Information Integration in Construction (IICON). This group will compliment activities of SBEnrc Project 2.34 Driving Whole-of-life Efficiencies through BIM and Procurement and continue the research efforts started in Project 2.24 Integrated Project Environments to add more value to our Centre Partners.

IICON activities will focus on creating a more effective and reflective industry and deliver benefits to public and private asset owners through:

  • efficient knowledge creation, preservation and integration across the life-cycle of constructed facilities
  • relevant, reliable, interoperable and long-lasting data and information gathering and analysis
  • monitoring and feedback from end-users into the different stages of design, construction and asset management of buildings and infrastructure.

CIB TG90 Outline

CIB TG90 – Notes of Meeting – 26 November 2014 (12.01.15 – 410 Kb)

CIB TG90 – Notes of Meeting – 18 February 2015 (04.03.15 – 427 Kb)

CIB TG90 – Notes of Meeting – 07-May-2015 (29.05.15 – 392 Kb)

Sanchez, Rempling and Jung presentation – 07 May 2015 (29.05.15 – 5.5 MB)

CIB TG90 – Notes of Meeting – 18 February 2016 (24.03.16 – 340 Kb)

Knotten presentation – 18 February 2016 (25.03.16 – 518 Kb)

The Building Economist – September 2017 – The BIM Issue – Article: The digital revolution is upon us! But what about the humans? (Sept 2017, 1MB)